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The HH50’s are now sailing in the Atlantic and the Pacific! Watch for Scott Rocknak’s latest video on the HH 50 series as well as HH 55 Part 5 “The Design”. Both Coming Soon.  

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“Tribute” HH5001

“Avalanche” HH5002

“Off Piste” HH5003

“Lickety” HH5004

Dusseldorf 2020

We set up the booth with an art show motif of (15) canvas prints and a large monitor with detailed imagery.  Visitors from Europe, Singapore, Russia, and Israel came by to discuss the boats.

Factory Visit Dec. 2019

Annapolis Boat Show 2019

A whirlwind trip to inspect the nearly completed HH50 for our customers. Below are the links to the videos created while at the factory.



It’s an impressive boat. If you’d like more details on getting one for 2020 or 2021 Please Contact me. or (207) 542-1247 US (GMT -5)

The newest of the HH66 Performance Luxury Carbon Catamarans

Destined for a knowledgeable owner who desired one of the lights and fastest boats in the 60’ range. I had a dance to spend some time aboard this impressive boat. Below is a quick video of the test pool launch.


The Lightest Performance Luxury Catamaran over 60' gets test launched.

HH5001 Sees the light of day!

HH5001 in the test pool for systems checks. Mast also goes on and waterline evens out.

Same photo just with some editing magic applied.

Annapolis Boat Show 2019

Thanks to those who braved the crowds and the “King Tide Floods”. We were fortunate to host all of you who came to visit and explore “Hai Feng” the HH55 Carbon Catamaran.

A special thanks to HH owners Frank and Mary Grace, Harry and Tyffanee, Mark and Anna, and Erich for your time aboard and a call out to David and Melissa for joining the family.

And our crew from Hudson Yacht Group, Morrelli and Melvin, and Rocknak’s for making it an all smiles show for everyone involved.

We look forward to seeing you in Dusseldorf and Miami!

We were quite pleased to have Elaine Bunting, Editor of Yachting World, aboard the HH55.

YouTubers Craig and Janice of  “Cruising Off Duty”  were busy on their quest of the ultimate catamaran.


Newport Boat Show 2019

HH 66 Cockpit & Helm

HH 66 “Flash”. A serious boat with a fun crew. The show found us with accomplished sailors and even skilled pianists who took up the offer to play the keyboard in the salon.

Below are the videos I made of “Flash”. It’s a pretty intense boat. It took me 8 hours to film every aspect and even then I could spend several more hours covering even more. This is a well made boat that has the fit and finish of what you’d expect from HH Catamarans.

HH 66 The Interior

HH 66 Deck Plan & Hardware

Maine Boats &

Harbors Show


A small show that is always successful in terms of people finding or selling boats. Big claim to fame for this show is the Annual Boat Yard Dog competition.

Among the schooner and traditional sailboat crowd were some Gunboat, Lagoon, and other catamaran owner’s,.

This is the event that kicks off the entire boat show season.

photo: Billy Black

HH 50 Hull #001. Built for Circumnavigating.

Out of the mould. Out of this world.  The first HH 50 is coming into its own. Keep in touch and we’ll send you the boat show schedule where you can see one.

The newest from Morreli and Melvin. This boat can go faster than the windspeed. Superyacht sized interior. Call to discuss more.

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