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With the HH 77 we now see a size that lends itself to having a bridge. Available Open Concept as above or with a complete enclosure. Built of Carbon Fiber and designed by Morreli and Melvin the HH 77 is a performance luxury yacht with an interior rivaling super yachts. The magic here is that the HH 77 can travel speeds far exceeding most super yachts all the while not requiring engine propulsion. Perhaps I should have made the color of the model green.

If you have sailed the HH 66 or been aboard an HH 55 you will recognize the design cues. They include a large bridge deck cabin with appropriate overhangs and shadow lines. The bright cabins are maintained with long windows on the hulls. This is a daggerboard boat of course. That means upwind performance because you know the typical wind direction is coming from where you want to go.

Being a highly custom, boat you and I work together very closely over the build process.

The solar panels are clearly designed to be away from shadow. The shape of the panels are custom built to maximize their coverage. The boarding platforms approach beach club status. When docked side-to, getting on and off the HH 77 is easy. Deck and bridge access is quick and efficient. The cockpit offers a considerable amount of room for guests to have their individual space.

The helm stations haver superior sight-lines in terms of sailing and docking. All the sail controls are powered with manual capabilities. The HH 77 is designed to be surprisingly easy to sail.

With 77 feet there now is the opportunity to have an owner’s cabin rivaling the live aboard status of a 90 foot power yacht.

An inside steering station on the bridge continues to allow for an elevated deck. See the schematic below for the possibilities. For additional renderings, ideas, pricing please contact me.

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