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The Build           HH55

The Heart of it

A moment experienced with ownership.


photos: Scott Rocknak

On my first factory visit, yesteryear met tomorrow, and the middle was anywhere-else today. The view you see above was out my $100/night hotel room. And not just any hotel. Probably the nicest hotel I’ve been in. The view from the front was 2200. The view from the back was 1920. The two are rapidly merging.

When you, as a visiting HH owner, will be met at the airport and brought to this place. You’ve come this far to go a long way. You’ll appreciate your surroundings. Tomorrow will be a busy day.

The factory is just off the island in a village known for stonework actually. It’s interesting to see slabs of granite at various venues and thence thrust into the world of carbon fiber. If there is one thing in common, it’s the grey dust both materials leave behind when being shaped by human hands.

If you are a veteran of modern boat manufacturing you’ll be expecting light colored fiberglass, green resin, and tan coring. Well, here you will see some of that for the e-glass boats, but mostly everything is black. Dark, different, and exotic.

photo:  Scott Rocknak

photo:  Scott Rocknak

From the drawing board of Morrelli and Melvin spring 3-dimensional shapes. Just looking at them exude speed. Practically alien in nature. Purposeful in appearance. Almost daunting.

photo: Mary Batakis

You sense what these shapes will become. The crew works with confidence having carried through many before to fruition. The enormity of the objects and the pure scale of the buildings is breathtaking.

photo: Mary Batakis

Moulds, jigs, strong backs, machinery adorn the cavernous work spaces.

photo: Harry Fugate

The boats are heading your way. Many steps at a time.

photo: Mary Batakis

Now you’ll see why the HH Catamaran is special. You’ll discover each one is actually handmade. One might say; “well, they’re all hand made”. Yes, sort of. But, there’s always a “but”, many manufacturers today use CNC machines to create efficiencies due to exorbitant labor costs. HH has CNC machines. But you don’t use machines to make solid wood radius corners, book matched paneling, chamfered non-developable edges, and other things you see but actually don’t see but do see in the end. Make any sense? Everywhere on the boat you’ll find something to enjoy staring at. You din’t get that from something that plugs into the wall.

photo: Mary Batakis

Weaved fabrics, teak, walnut, cherry, bleached oak, stainless steel meet two-part polyurethanes, epoxies, titanium, Dyneema, the strongest and lighter fiber in the world, Aramid, and of course Carbon Fiber. We’re back to what I said in the beginning. Traditional meets tomorrow.

photo: Mary Batakis

The Heart of It is that with an HH Catamaran you create something unique. This isn’t just parabole. You can see it, you can touch it, and you know it.

photo: Will Hobbs

The grey shape with all the dark cloth and hoses and wires and commotion becomes an entity. The boat now has a name. The boat is yours in so many ways.

photo: Billy Black

Call or email to find out why a boat like this is best done with the knowledge of a guiding hand. With decades of experience I can guide you on nearly any aspect of building or operating an HH Catamaran.

Contact Scott Rocknak to discuss your vision.  (207) 236-3149 US

photo: Mary Batakis

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