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Four 50’s are now sailing & two more being built. Commentary by Scott Rocknak.

“Tribute” HH5001

“Avalanche” HH5002

“Off Piste” HH5003

“Lickety” HH5004

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The New HH Catamarans HH50

How does the HH 50 compare to the HH 55? The HH Ocean Series 50? To other daggerboard 50 footers? To similar size cruising cats? Ideally we’d have a series of discussions together to explore the differences. Here are a few a points that might assist for now:

The HH 50 shares all the attention to detail as the HH 55 or HH 66. So if you have been aboard an HH you’ll feel at home on an HH 50 in terms of what you observe for form and function. The way-beyond-production-boat attention to detail, pedigree of design, and robust carbon construction will make the HH 50 a favorite just as, hopefully, the HH 55 or HH 66 appealed to you.

Perhaps a snapshot of what the now-in-build HH 50 owners wanted and found appealing about the HH 50 would help. Some common factors are sailing short handed in a long term global live aboard capacity. The appeal of Carbon Fiber construction was for performance, an edge on stiffness, and re-sale value. The daggerboards have been appealing as they offer the ultimate in upwind performance. The cost is less than the HH 55. And being slightly smaller, its more manageable for some. The passage-to-port times of an HH 50 far extend its competitive brethren. Its an HH. Built well to go fast in comfort.

From the protected helms you see the bows and transoms from either station. The wheels are positioned so docking is straight forward. Deck room is unobstructed. Lines are all lead aft. Daggerboards and travelled can be push button line drivers.

So far, people have selected triple reef performance mains by Doyle, North, or Evolution. The self-tacking jib is a staple. A Code Zero or Screecher compliments the package. Overlapping jibs are also being specified. We work together on matching to your needs and experience.

Solar can be as much as 1.5 kw. We’re finding that is a good number to have for complete electrical independence.

Four cabins or three cabins. There’s also an ability to park someone (or even two) up in the salon for passages. The berths are easy to access. Storage is designed for extended voyaging.

The daggerboard trunks are outboard and un-obtrusive. They’re actually nice to look at in a sculptural sort of way.

Claustrophobic? Not in these aft cabins. Perhaps not even in the forward cabin. You’ll need to see it for yourself. I mention this as the affliction is confided to me more often than not. The HH Series has a solution for that. It comes in the form of light, space, and access. The whole boat is that way. If this is you, you’re not limited. It is your boat as much as it is for your mate that could sleep under a couch if they were so inclined.

Recessed lighting, shadow lines, chamfered or beveled edges. It’s a high-end look. Choose your finish. With the HH 50 there are multiple selections of material and species.

Unique to the HH line is the ability, like in a house or a powerboat, to look out a window. This is not just in the salon but in each cabin too.

You’ve probably done it. Visiting some luxury hotel in an exotic locale you dramatically swoop down on the inviting bed. You look up and think: “This is a cool place”. 

Well, get used to it.

The pipe berth you see here is optional. Aside from that one extra crew, it can serve as a duffle bag shelf. This forward cabin has complete storage lockers and drawers including a voluminous side locker.

Pictured here is the forward head in the Owner’s Cabin. Full stand-up shower, shelves, lockers, a mirror you can see in while standing up straight.

Lighting has multiple illumination options. Subtle for the middle of the night or bright for getting ready.

The head is well thought out and easy to keep clean and fresh.

When you picture the above, think of the salon extending from the mast to the traveller. Think of the cockpit doing the same. The black vertical line you see above is the sliding door arrangement. It moves all the way to starboard and opens everything up. You choose how much to move. The eave has drains of course. A very high end piece of kit.

There’s a stratglass style panel that comes down from the bimini giving you essentially a windshield. I suggest the electric winches. Everything is push-button with manual overrides.

The helms have superior line of sight. They are protected. Two of you can sit there for hours on end. Have a newbie guest hand steer the boat from the opposite helm while you pretend to be contemplating your next novel yet actually making subtle steering corrections with your foot. 

All is good.

Part of the Action. The helms aren’t in Siberia. They’re strategically located. From a safety and weather standpoint, you’re more protected. On the social side you can be an active part of the day. With a young family, your POV encompasses the entire exterior. For sailing and anchoring, you’re on top of it.

If you are like most who have been becoming part of the HH 50, this is home. Its’ bright. It’s welcoming. And it moves. And it moves with purpose.

Call or email me to discuss the HH 50 as a possible option for your mission. I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

(207) 236-3149 US or

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