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Thanks for visiting us on the Morrelli & Melvin Designed Carbon Fiber HH 66 and the Newport Boat Show and the HH 55 in Annapolis.

Proven. Victorious. World Class Luxury. The HH 66 All Carbon Cat is the essence of bridled power. It’s up to you on this very special boat. Set your parameters. Push the envelope. Create something exceptional.

Top flight crew will be your guide during your custom build. English, Français, Italiano, Deutsche, Español, 普通话, we have you covered. If speed is part of your equation, let me show how to set your hair on fire with this boat. If a build quality that is world class entices you, come and experience this carbon cat. Come and see how the HH66 balances Performance and Luxury in one extraordinary creation.

Choose performance packages. Choose where you want the helms, aft or forward. Choose your appearance both inside and out. Each HH66 created is uniquely unique. You have a reached this stage in your life by making smart decisions. The HH66 is one of them.

Contact Scott Rocknak for the possibilities. (207) 236-3149 US,

HH Catamaran 66 Salon

I have extensive photographs available of the HH 66 Interior for review and can arrange for you to see the boat in person. There have been five boats built to date. All made to order with custom purposes and layouts.

Contact Scott Rocknak for the possibilities. (207) 236-3149 US,

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