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The New HH Catamarans Ocean 50

The HH Ocean Series 50 (OC 50) shares the same interior as the HH 50. The hull shape is very similar above the waterline. Where it differs is that the boat has keels instead of daggerboards, is constructed of e-glass and epoxy, and has an aluminum mast. There are other things of course but these are the primary ones.

Th OC 50 is a performance keel boat. More so than others. The OC 50 offers all the HH engineering, design, and quality of its HH line sisterships. The boat bridges the gap between the more complex daggerboard boats and the heavier cruising cat offerings. The E-Glass Epoxy combination is what you see on the top flight semi-production and production performance choices. E-Glass also offers a price savings over Carbon construction.

The OC 50 has all the halyards, sheets, and control lines led aft to a helm station on the starboard side. The winches are in front of you and wishing reach. Instrumentation is flush mounted and can accommodate a large multi-function display.

With this steering position you are part of the action in the cockpit and have clear sight lines forward and aft.

Point it and go. But go faster than the fleet. Call or write for my performance analysis. Also available is a VPP. Carry the solar you need, the big tender, entertain your crew, and have something that stands apart from the fleet.

Deciding between the HH 50 and the OC 50?  I can help. For a quick email form click here.

There is a decent option list for the OC 50. Solar, A/C, Watermaker, Generator, Scuba, and so on. Write me for it.  

Its a distinctive boat off the shelf and you can make it even more so. Our price sheet even calculates the weight of the boat. Why? Because weight matters with catamarans. Remember, the OC 50 is a performance keeled cat. You’ll find everything you need on board for a comfortable and rewarding experience. What you’ll be less inclined to see are items that create large amounts of mass. Keep it light. Keep it fast.

The single helm buys you a lounge area on the port side. Theres a choice of materials for the cockpit and transom steps. Notice the boom. You won’t need a step ladder to access it. Like the HH line, all OC 50’s have a boom located within reach. Loading up with the custom solar panels? They’re the walk-on variety. All 1.5 kw of them.

The salon doors all slide port or starboard making the salon and cockpit one. This point can’t be understated. I have photos that illustrate this.

A clean bottom, low wetted surface and performance designed keels define the OC 50 underwater form. What makes this boat different is that its a Morelli and Melvin design. These folks know what they’re doing. Look at the shape from underneath. Now snorkel under your next charter and look at that shape. See the difference?

Above is the owner’s cabin version. Port hull has the head forward with a large shower. There are his and hers lockers. You can battle over the drawers. Well, maybe not, as we know who’s going to win there.

The big take away here is that the cabin is light and airy. Lots of light and ventilation. And a choice of finishes that separate the OC 50 from the catamaran aisle at IKEA.

This is the same rendering I have on the HH 50 page. Both boats have the same salon. The are several blends of options to choose from in terms of finishes and fabrics. You would expect that in a boat of this caliper. Please inquire for additional renders.

Looking outboard in the port hull owner’s cabin we have additional lockers. They’re about 1/2 the depth of the inboard lockers and ideal for folded clothing, towels, and personal items. 

Notice the windows. All three have an opening port as well. You can also see the four opening hatches on the coachroof. Note that those hatches are flush mount Lewmars.

The aft window has a view of the sea. Its larger than other boats in this size range. It really makes a difference.

The above image  is shown with the twin overhead hatches. Nav Station to port. “L-Shaped” Settee and a table with sofa-seat to port. The owners cabin model has a sliding companionway. This is a rendering of the darker interior finish selection. There are also selections for the look of the cabin sole.

Living aboard? The salon of the OC 50 rivals larger boats. This is especially so when you can combine cockpit and salon. I have the General Arrangement plans. Just ask.

You can choose a Four Cabin Model as well. An option is to have the pipe berth in one or both of the forward cabins. This can fold down or up at an angle when not in use. Use it as a spare crew berth or to put several duffle bags. Inquire about the soft cabinet storage containers that will fit on the pipe berths. Note that the rendering above is actually an HH 50. On the OC 50 the daggerboard trunks could be a shelf system or open space.

The dinghy shown is an AB AL (aluminum) 11’ in length. The davits can handle larger and I have developed several examples of dinghy and engine combinations ranging from center consoles, custom tube colors, and more.

Inquire also for a storage map where things could go. I believe you will be presently surprised of the capacity.

Shown above is the master cabin. In this case it is the port hull. It is possible to have a (2) cabin, (3) cabin, and (4) cabin interior. The interior finish shown here is the artificial wood in a walnut. All trim is solid walnut. You can choose from a large variety of artificial or actual wood veneers.

Come sail away on the HH Catamarans OC50 Performance Crusing Cat!



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