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About HH Catamarans

The Builder

Taiwanese industrialist Hudson Wang makes things you likely enjoy in your daily life. In addition to sports equipment used worldwide, he has Hudson Yacht and Marine. HH Catamarans is a pride and joy endeavor. You can see that in the factory, the people who make the boat happen, and of course, the boats themselves.

The Designers

Very few names have the prestige and standing of Morrelli & Melvin. With a build portfolio of some of the world’s most distinctive multihulls, you are the direct beneficiary of years of talented application. Morrelli & Melvin designs, in particular the HH Catamaran Series, is simply extraordinary.

The People

A true international effort. Dedicated people who take their efforts seriously. All of them. You will get to know many of the crew, or at least hear their names referred to, during your build. Accessibility is a crucial component of your experience. Its a first name thing with HH Catamarans.

The Shipyard

Purpose built specifically to create hi-tech performance boats. This is a huge facility with overhead traveling gantries, five-axis routers the size of a house, three-axis routers the that would fill a bowling alley, water jets for precision metal cutting, an autoclave that is just completely massive.

Now offering a construction option in Taiwan. 

Capacity. Capability. Creativity.

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