Rocknak’s began in 1955 on Cedar Creek off Barnegat Bay with a full service 100 slip (later 200) yacht basin. In the day, names such as Charlie Morgan, Frank Butler (Catalina Yachts), Ted Irwin, Roger Hewsen (Sabre Yachts), Ted Hood, and many more , and all synonymous with modern production boat building, brought their very first production boats to sell at Rocknak’s. 

In 1972 Bill & Cindy Rocknak moved to Maine and in 1975 formed Rocknak’s Yacht Sales in Camden. Scott started that first day as a middle schooler and began selling and working on boats alongside his father, Bill.

The office in Camden, Maine. Located at Wayfarer Marine for over 10 years. Built at the house 30 miles away and transported on a flatbed boat trailer.

From this little office scores of C&C’s, C&C Landfall, Catalina, Tanzer, CS, Endeavor, Cape Dory, Sabres, and others were sold.

In 1985 another little building was built and placed at the Rockport property. Several brokerage boats started multiplying here and new Catalinas were the first boats to arrive.

Initially sketched on a piece of copy paper the original Rockport building took shape in 1987.  Soon the space would be filled with four new boats.

A side extension was added for an additional 640 sq. ft. of interior space.

17 years later more indoor space was needed. 5000 sq. ft of heated storage immediately saw several boats placed inside. The building was designed in house.

2010 saw another 5000 sq. ft. of interior space constructed. Also designed in house.

The fall season is a busy time. Here several boats are being staged, winterized, and prepped for inside winter storage.

In addition to the Rockport location Rocknak’s maintains several moorings with capacities up to 55’ in Camden and Rockport Harbors.

Camden Harbor, Maine

Rockport Harbor, Maine ~ (207) 236-3149

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