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Some things to observe here: The aft hatch is the aft cabin overhead hatch. It is designed to act like an air ram into the cabin. Its positioned with a clear sight line down the deck, That does two things; 1) more air and 2) a view forward at night to see what that clanking is all about.

This boat has the basic seat. The previous photos show an improved version. Note the organization of the helm, the clean traveller area *which, by-the-way, are controlled from the helms with a line-driver.

Also note the deck mounted winch buttons at the helms. These are reversing winches. Look at the cabin top organization on the top left photo.

Regarding getting the electric bikes off the boat, the HH 55 has flat decks and hatches. You could roll the bikes back to the dinghy where it is above.

Getting the bikes off the X5 would first require larger hatches. The dinghy would need to be placed mid-ships as the side seat would be in the middle of the deck.

HH 55 with flush hatches

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