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photos: Billy Black


aboard an HH55

You’ve come to the realization the boat is a tool. Its purpose; to deliver experience. A vehicle of sorts. And it just happens to be home too.


And like any treasured tool, it’s well made, has a unique connection to you, and stands apart from the others.


The direction you choose to travel is a witch’s brew of weather, time, desire, and intent. You’ve built the boat. You’ve built your life experience. And now you assemble the two together.

You move to explore. To share. To teach, even if the pupil happens to be yourself.

The most important payload loaded aboard weighs absolutely nothing. Nada. Zip. Zero.

You know what it is. It’s why you’re here.

Windows to the world. Time has given you what you require. Now time is lived in motion. But when you pause, there’s a place to welcome you. Everyday. Everywhere.

The practical side says; “We need this and we need that.” Well, you’ll find it. And then some. The experience you intend to build is facilitated on a boat built cumulatively on many other’s.


This cabin can do 24 knots. 

(And so can the rest of the boat.)

The berth is a bed like you have at home. Standard height, width, and lengths. Appropriate headroom with lots of ventilation.

There’s a reason why you row facing backwards. It’s so you can look at your boat.

Cut. Clarity. Color. Carat. Come up with a metaphor to that and you understand this boat.

Contact Scott Rocknak to discuss your vision.

photos: Billy Black

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