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photos: Scott Rocknak

photos: Scott Rocknak

HAI FENG       HH5502

Nautical Twilight

aboard an HH55

A moment experienced with ownership.


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The windows, mysteriously black during the day, become rich and gold at night. Revealed within are shades of walnut finished in satin varnish. Hand coated exterior finishes absorb the color of the atmosphere. Everything looks intentional. And everything has a look that pieces together with purpose. This is a an easy boat to enjoy simply by staring at it.

Light becomes sculpture. Welcoming in the reveal. Brushed for accent. Warm and indirect. Shadows are part of the design.

You chose the finishes and the fabrics. You have influenced the layout. Even the direction of the grain. The space comes together quietly before you.

How is your boat so different? It appears as no other. You made this. It is really uniquely yours.

Some say the most savored part of the day is just before retiring and just after awakening anew. Careful comfort is all around you. Every aspect is satisfying.

Shape the way you wake up. Translucent shades. Warm and soft white under the valance. Reflection of the water. Light from overhead. Start your day with the cinema of the world around you.

A panorama of color awaits all the crew. Each cabin have full length views of your surroundings.

When the light is low the sliding doors become a atomosphere of reflection.

I can guide you in what is possible in the presentation of your boat. Texture, colors, approaching and departing angles, function and its positioning, the aesthetics of form, sense of feel complimenting sight, sound, and experience. All things carefully considered and implemented on the HH55 Performance Catamaran.

For many the night obscures what you see in the day. For others it illuminates the immediate, what’s close, and what’s important.

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