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Our Down East Boat Guide

The links at the left are representative of only a few of the well known builders of semi-displacement Downeast boats. Some of the companies featured are no longer building boats, but their names are carried on due to their continued popularity and current demand as a used boat.

Do keep in mind while viewing the selection that not all Downeast style boats were built or finished by the same company. For example, Jarvis Newman Marine Brokers may have built the hull and Malcomb Pettegrow finished it. This boat would be listed as a Newman/Pettegrow.

The boats on review are not listed For Sale, but rather intended to show the viewer the uniqueness of each builder/finisher and the variety of models and style. Should you notice (Sistership For Sale) attached to the description, this indicates that we have available boats for sale similar to the model shown.

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